I excitedly welcome 2024, anticipating a heaven-on-earth experience for me, my household and my church community. I am positioned for uncommon supernatural encounters throughout the year. The darkness around the world is not permitted to impact my life and the people connected to me.

Goshen is my experience throughout this new year as I enjoy an intimate relationship with God. I dominate in every area of my life through Zoe, the God-kind of life. This life that I share with Christ imparts every area of my life, supplying me with a supernatural edge.

I am whole, healthy, protected and kept from all evil. My angels are actively engaged to bring my salvation benefits into manifestation. I enjoy supernatural opportunities, and I advance in life through the grace of God.

I am blessed, helped, favored, shielded and strengthened by God. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, and I am free from guilt, shame, fear and condemnation. I live from the place of rest, free from worldly cares, walking in faith and full of joy.

This is my year of Enlightenment and Supernatural Advancement. I recover the lost years, ideas and opportunities. I have wisdom and strategies for uncommon recoveries and breakthrough discoveries. I experience unending laughter, and I am free from sorrow. I am imparted with spiritual gifts to be resolutely aligned with God’s purpose, plans, and prophecies for my life.

I am supernaturally equipped and empowered for God’s purpose. Beyond being blessed, I am a blessing to humanity globally as I distribute resources as God’s agent on earth. My gifts and talents are maximized. I am propelled by favor to produce uncommon results in my allocated space. I take my place in God’s end-time agenda as a member of the Supernatural army, wired and designed for signs and wonders.