I am a new creation in Christ Jesus, full of the incorruptible and indestructible life of God. I am robed in the righteousness of Christ and completely free from all condemnation. I live by faith of the son of God, free from cares of this world and any form of fear, fully convinced of Christ’s love for me; and always manifesting His love to the world around me.

I stand boldly in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, expecting the manifestations of His favor in all my endeavors. The finished work of Christ is my reality and I am whole in my spirit, soul and body. I glorify God daily as I shine as a bright light in a dark world.

I am blessed and not cursed. Favored and never disadvantaged. Nothing is missing or broken in my life. I am well protected, adequately provided for and full of God’s goodness in every aspect of my life.

This is my season to accelerate with unbroken focus. I shake off every distraction as I lay aside every weight and the sin that easily ensnares me. My purpose is fulfilled, my mission is accomplished and my prophecies are manifested.

My mind is renewed and empowered to capture my prophecies. I have relevant associations to manifest my purpose. I have deep roots in Christ needed to sustain a productive life. I enjoy all round fruitfulness with capacity to bear fruit even in my old age.

The power of delay is broken over me and I am ready to accelerate into all that God has for me in this great season. I recover loss time and opportunities. I deliver massive results with supernatural edge. Everything is happening at once—and everywhere I look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills.