I am seated in the secret place of the most high and I live perpetually under the shadow of the almighty. God is my refuge. I trust in Him and I’m safe! I am rescued from hidden traps and shielded from deadly hazards.

God’s huge outstretched arms protect me and under them I am perfectly safe; His arms fend off all harm from me. I will not be afraid of terrors of the night, the arrows that fly during the day, the plagues that roam the dark or epidemics that strike at noon.

Evil can’t get close to me and harm can’t get through my door. The angels of God are under command to guard me wherever I go. I am honored, satisfied with long life and constantly delivered from all evil.

I experience suitable and favorable moments throughout February. I am at the right place, at the right time enjoying God ordained moments. I thrive in life on the back of God’s Grace which is abundant and the gift of righteousness received through faith in Christ Jesus.

I am carefree, joyful and fearless. I flourish like palm trees and grow tall like the cedars in Lebanon. I am planted in the LORD’S house and I blossom in God’s courtyards. I am ever fruitful, healthy and fresh.

I dominate my space, industry and the world at large. I am relevant and impactful serving God’s purpose in my generation. It is my season for DOMINANCE and REST ROUND ABOUT.