I live under the unmerited favor of God and I see good and not evil. My trust is in Christ who loved me enough to die for me and not in anything in the natural. I live a supernatural life and do not submit to the corruption in the world around me. Zoe, the life of God is manifested in all my ways.

I have a good shepherd and I recognize His voice at all times. He leads, guides, and restores me constantly. I shall not want for any good thing in life. I am healthy, prosperous, delivered from evil, and rich towards God. I am imparted by supernatural wisdom to fulfill my God-given purpose and win consistently in life.

God’s Word is more real to me than any other thing in life. My mind is renewed and conditioned for godliness and effectiveness by the Word. My faith is activated at all times to experience every promise I have in Christ. I am an effective ambassador of Christ on earth as I partner with Him to reconcile the lost.

I have the spirit of faith and the Word of God is constantly in my heart and mouth. I believe in God’s Word, following fully without hesitation and I speak audaciously to contrary situations. Angels are dispatched to enforce my covenant benefits in Christ Jesus.

I am satisfied with the quality long life to complete my assignment on earth. I experience Heaven on earth by the Zoe, God-kind of life. I am fruitful, increase abundantly, multiply, grow exceedingly mighty and the globe is filled with my influence.