I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, blessed of the Lord and surrounded with favor as a shield. The blessing is on me to excel, flourish and succeed. I walk in total life prosperity with nothing missing or broken.

The blessing speaks for me and announces me everywhere. I am in my God ordained season and as a result I am always at the right place at the right time connecting with the right company and obtaining supernatural results that glorify God.

I am Christ-centered, blessing-minded and always factoring in the indestructible life of God. The life of God on my inside infuses every part of my body and soul, causing me to exceed natural expectations.

My prophetic season of unprecedented opportunities, much growth and massive harvest is here. I am carried and sponsored by the grace of God. I live an influential life dominating my space, community and the globe at large. As I rejoice throughout this month, I experience restoration of all things, leftover increase and mind blowing harvest everywhere.

The blessing makes me effective, productive and prosperous. I do not toil and I am free from sorrow. Goshen is my experience on a consistent basis and the darkness around the world cannot overwhelm me. I bear fruit, multiply, subdue opposing forces and dominate everywhere. I am SUPERNATURAL!!!