October 2022 Confession

I am blessed of the Lord and surrounded with favor as a shield. I am loved and accepted by God. I am Christ righteousness and free from condemnation and guilt. God is my father and I enjoy unrestricted access with Him.

I am dead, buried, risen and now seated with Christ in heavenly places. I am full of authority and loaded with miraculous power to effectively rule and reign in life. The life of Christ in me reflects in all my ways, mind and physical body.

Jesus is my high priest of better things. He is my advocate, surety, mediator and my eternal intercessor. I enjoy the peace of God that passes all understanding and full of unspeakable joy. I rest in the love of God, receiving all that Christ gave me freely in His sacrificial death.

My mind is reset to reflect the capacity of my recreated human spirit. I am the temple of the Holy Spirit and constantly led by Him. I live by faith of the son of God and I have no room for fear, anxiety and traditions of men that are not in line with the New Testament.

It is my season of dominance and I recognize my divine allocation in God. I occupy my space in life with audacity and authority. I am an ambassador of God’s kingdom everywhere.

I function by the creative force of heaven, downloading divine secrets for my generation. I am ten times better than natural people in my allocated space. I am sensitive to my season, positioning and receiving my inheritance in Christ Jesus.

It is my time and season. Times are fallen in pleasant places regarding me and I recognize my divine opportunities. Everything’s is happening everywhere and my prophecies are my reality.