I declare that I am God’s possession fully paid for by the blood of Jesus. I am accepted in the beloved as God’s righteousness in Christ Jesus. I am free from all condemnation and by the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, I dominate effectively in life.

I have the blessing of Abraham on my life and I am totally free from every form of curse. I am empowered to succeed, thrive and reign by the life of God in this natural world. All things are for my sake and lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places.

My life overflows in the power and wisdom of Christ. I have the capacity to create and sustain the different aspects of my life. I enjoy unusual favor because of the abundance of God’s grace on my life. My natural weaknesses, limitations, and afflictions are my opportunities for the manifestation of God’s Grace in all my life endeavors.

I am blessed without sorrow. I am fearless without the cares of this world. I am at rest, receiving constantly from the grace of God. My faith in Christ Jesus is active and by it I overcome this world system.

I am whole, healthy, emotionally sound, and full of the joy and peace of God that surpasses human understanding. I enjoy the ministry of Angels regarding protection, preservation, and provision. My household is blessed and I am satisfied with long life. I rest in the love of God and I am filled with the spirit of wisdom to make wise decisions and maximize my season.

I run the race set before me with spiritual intelligence patiently, purposefully, and passionately. I lay aside the weight of distraction and the sin that easily ensnares me. I am focused on Jesus, my everything; resting and receiving from His grace.

I am in Amos 9:13 mode. Everything is happening at once—and everywhere I look blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I accelerate from my seated position of rest in Christ Jesus. I catch up on wasted time, I accomplish much over a shorter period, I outpace my equals, I catch up with people ahead of me, I operate at God’s speed, I turn out as originally planned by God, and I have bonus time for other things in Jesus Name.