I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I live a Christ focused life. I am helped, sponsored, carried, protected, preserved and adequately provided for by God. The finished work of Christ is my primary reality. Angels are constantly deployed to enforce every aspect of my salvation including health, finances and protection. Every member of my family is blessed, healthy and delivered from all evil.

I receive God’s love without any reservation. I refuse a life of condemnation, guilt or fear. I approach God consistently as a son and I am always ready to receive His love, goodness and kindness.

I have a clear vision of God’s purpose for my life. I am planted in an environment that enables me to thrive, flourish and succeed. The blessing is on me and I live a sorrow free life. My efforts are amplified by God’s favor and I reject painful and grievous lifestyle.

I function by the spirit of revelation causing me to see opportunities and avoid financial traps. I am noticed in spaces connected to my assignment by the workings of the spirit of favor. I am unusually accepted, recognized and celebrated. I live in the overflowing abundance of heaven.

The hand of the Lord is on me causing me to outrun my peers. I deliver with speed and cannot be limited in any natural economy. My faith is all out to receive what is mine in Christ Jesus. I have capacity for uncommon wisdom to make sound judgment and build effectively in life.

The rain is here! I am finishing 2023 with unprecedented harvest. I function as God’s distribution center as I steward His resources on earth to impact God’s kingdom and bless humanity.