I am blessed, helped, assisted, led and loved by God. I am God’s righteousness and free from guilt, condemnation, inferiority complex and shame. I live by the grace of God and I wear gratitude, graciousness and generosity all the time.

I operate under open heavens and constantly receive good and perfect gifts from my Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally and unreservedly. The Angels of the Lord are under command to keep, shield, protect, preserve and provide for me in all my ways. I entertain Angels regularly and my life reflects supernatural edge.

The hand of God is on me to outrun my peers. The supernatural is my natural reality. I dominate with ease and in style. My voice is enlarged to express God in my generation. I operate by an excellent spirit in my space and God is continually glorified.

I am focused on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith. I lay aside every weight, sin and distraction as I run my race with clarity and intentionality. I rest in the finished work of Christ, walk in uncompromised dominion and totally free from all anxiety and fear.

This is my season of reward, restoration, supernatural speed, unusual expressions, discoveries, sudden rise, angelic assistance, great dominance and unprecedented wealth. The rain is here and I am positioned for all of God in my new season.