I am born of God, filled with the Holy Spirit and carried by grace. I live by the unmerited favor through faith in the finished work of Christ and I manifest the indestructible Zoe life of God. I am the righteousness of God and I refuse to live under condemnation.

I am blessed, favored, protected, preserved and adequately provided for. I am led by God’s Spirit and supernaturally sustained at all times and in all situations. I am whole, healthy and my entire family is kept with nothing missing or broken.

My faith speaks loudly in this new season. I see clearly, know precisely, act promptly and deliver massively. I know and believe God’s love for me. I live fearlessly, declaring God’s Word boldly and always ready to possess what is mine in Christ Jesus.

The rain of God is over me. I walk in wisdom, drenched in favor, assisted by Angels and empowered by God’s Spirit and protected from all evil. I am wired for uncommon supernatural results. I manifest God’s many sided wisdom and I represent God’s kingdom effectively in my generation.

I function from the place of rest. I am carefree, thankful and always full of joy. I rest fully in the finished work of Christ, never agitated or confused. Jesus is my focus at all times and I remain immovable irrespective of what is going on around me.

I effectively distribute God’s resources to my world as a good steward of His grace. I am kind, generous and gracious. Beyond being blessed, I am a blessing to my world.

I am ending 2023 in glory. I experience great grace and great power as I round up the year. I am enlightened by God to see His purpose for my life in this season. I run effectively, aligned with God’s purpose and free from all distractions. I reign in life, subdue every opposition and dominate everywhere. I declare according to Isaiah 8:18 that I am for signs and wonders.